Outliers Fund
Invest $100K-$1M in radical ideas / game changers (by individual)

Accelerate science fiction into scientific facts

Outliers Fund is a collective of

research-driven quant & venture funds

Founded by students from MIT & Harvard, #OUTLIERS started as a special interest group (SIG) on Slack for radical research & venture discussions. We syndicated $2M (Crypto Fund I) in 2016 / studied 880+ papers, invested 32 projects, and launched a quant trading system (Quant Fund) in 2017 / scaled the Quant Fund to $10M+ and exited the Crypto Fund I at $32.4M in 2018 / accelerated 9 startups with $50M+ raised collectively (Accelerator I) in 2019. With these research foundations & venture experiences, most of us (dropped out from schools and) became startup founders / venture capitalists / research scientists. The original SIG has evolved to become 1 quant fund + 4 venture funds, collectively called the "Outliers Fund". Our mission from 2020 to 2050: #Study #Invest #Accelerate vision-driven outliers, those who're on a road less treveled or an extreme outer edge of what's statistically possible!

by a group of

radical minds & solid hands

General Partner

Poseidon Ho

General Partner

Matt Huang

Venture Partner

Jason Hsu

Venture Partner

Jacob Cole

Venture Partner

Yen Yeh

Venture Partner

Sam Galler

Venture Partner

Brian Dai

Venture Partner

Albert Chen

Venture Partner

Bryan Pham

Investment Manager

Johnny Teng

Community Manager

Hsuan Kuo

PhD Fellow

Dian Jiao

PhD Fellow

Meitong Li

Entrepreneur in Residence

Chris Hugentobler


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