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About Outliers

Outliers Fund was founded by research scientists, angel investors and venture builders from MIT in 2016. Outliers Fund I (2016-2018) / Outliers Fund II (2018-2021) returned 16x / 11x respectively. Outliers Lab has incubated 10 Web3 startups with $100M+ raised collectively, three being acquired and two filing IPO. Outliers Fund III (2022-2026) has been deployed on Ethereum through Syndicate for all benefits of a venture DAO, while maintaining the legitimate structure of GP / LP. Outliers Fund was known for investing through scientific research and collective intelligence with its 100+ community members.

Poseidon Ho

Poseidon Ho

Founding Partner (US / Europe)

Poseidon started Outliers Fund I, Fund II, Outliers Lab and now leads research and investment at Outliers Fund III. He dropped out from University of Washington and Tsinghua University to devote full-time on Outliers after turning $2M (from 20 students at MIT) into $32M+ in two years. Poseidon was known for his research on Ant-Inspired Collective Intelligence and Reality Computing at MIT Media Lab, San Diego Zoo Research and Microsoft Research. He received his B.S. Management Information Systems from National Taiwan University. Poseidon holds 4 research fellowships, 15 international design and programming awards.

David Chou

David Chou

GP & IR Head (Taipei)

David leads fundraising, investor relations and exit strategy at Outliers Fund III. David advised Poseidon on fundraising and investor relations when Poseidon was running Outliers Fund I; invested as a LP at Outliers Fund II; and invested his Fund II LP payout and became a GP in Outliers Fund III. Throughout David’s 27-year career in VC/PE investment, M&A, IPO, leverage buyout, he has completed 60+ cross-border transactions worth over $9B, including investing $500K in Alibaba as the first institutional investor in 1999. David received his MBA from Columbia University, B.S. Economics / Geology from National Taiwan University, and attended Executive Program from Tsinghua University in Beijing

Vincent Lin

Vincent Lin

GP & Counsel (Shanghai)

Vincent Lin heads the legal & compliance at Outliers Fund. Vincent is a partner at a leading U.S. law firm with over 15 years of experience in private/public securities offerings, VC/PE financings, cross-border M&As, U.S./HK IPOs and corporate governance. Vincent has advised many issuers listed on the NYSE, Nasdaq, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on their compliance and regulatory matters. Vincent received his LL.M. from Columbia University and LL.B. from National Taiwan University.

Zac Wang

Zac Wang

Research Analyst (Taipei)

Zac leads research for Web3 projects and helps our portfolios build community, providing strategies for user growth and token economic design. He joined Outliers Fund in 2023 and assists Poseidon with various fund tasks. Prior to investing in and working at Outliers Fund, Zac assisted with project research, event planning, and community operations for Web3 at Cherubic Ventures. He has previously held roles in product management and marketing at several Web2 startups. Zac received his B.A. in Business Administration from National Taipei University.


Fully deployed Outliers Fund III. Managing and exiting portfolios. Raising Outliers Fund IV.

Continue deploying Outliers Fund III and managing 22 portfolios. Ran Outliers Hacker Houses in 50+ cities worldwide.

Deployed Outliers Fund III on Ethereum via Syndicate. Launched Outliers VC DAO and recruited its founding members.

Exited Outliers Fund II at $23.1M (11.2x) and raised $20M for Outliers Fund III. Structured ecosystem funds.

Set up Asia offices in Shanghai & Singapore. 3 startups acquired, 2 filing for IPO (Outliers Lab #1)

Brought Outliers Lab #1 startups to 12 cities for roadshows with $100M+ raised collectively.

Exited Outliers Fund I at $32.4M (16.2x), launched Outliers Lab #1 with 10 incubation portfolios and invested in 6 of them as Outliers Fund II.

Scored 880+ web3 projects based on their white papers, token economics, smart contracts and invested in 32 of them.

Founded Outliers as a special interest group at MIT and syndicated $2M from 20 students & professors, known as Outliers Fund I.

Outliers Fund

Backing Scientist-led Ventures Through Scientific Research & Collective Intelligence.


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